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Patient Verification Cards

Online Patient VerificationTo further service our patients Alternative Care Clinics is now offering qualified patients a voluntary Medical Marijuana Patient Verification Card.

The card fits conveniently in your pocket or wallet and is made of a high quality, super durable plastic that’s made to last.  Cards will be issued to qualified patients at the time of the evaluation. 

Keep in mind

*The card that ACC offers to our patients is not a state or county ID card. It is for verification purposes only and allows patients to be verified quickly and conveniently.

*The state ID card is voluntary. Some counties do not offer the state ID card yet. The fee for the state ID card is set by each county and may vary from county to county.

*Counties that offer a state issued medical marijuana ID card in Southern California:


Los Angeles:

Orange County:

Imperial County Health Department: (760) 482-4438  

Ventura County Medical Marijuana Identification Program

San Bernardino Medical Marijuana Identification Card


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